Withdrawal Options

Withdrawal Options

You can withdraw money from your gaming account using any of the following methods.
  1. DRF Play+ (prepaid card)
  2. Online Banking by Trustly
All withdrawal transactions will be reviewed before they are approved and/or processed. This can take up to 72 hours but usually is a lot faster. Once the transaction is approved, it takes different amounts of time for the money to reach your hands.
  1. DRF Play+  will get the funds immediately once it is approved by our iGaming Security team.
  2. Online Banking by Trustly will process funds to your bank account directly and it can take up to 5 business days.
You may be asked for different pieces of documentation by our iGaming Security team before the withdrawal is approved. This is usually the case on new player accounts and/or if you used a new payment method for which we need proof of ownership. There may be other reasons when our team can request documents for security and compliance purposes.

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    • Deposit Options

      You can use one or more of the following methods to fund your DRF account: Debit Cards PayNearMe (cash at nearby retail locations) DRF | Play+ (prepaid card) Online Banking
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    • Debit Card

      You can use your debit cards to make instant deposit to your gaming account. We accept Visa and MasterCard debit cards.  Credit cards cannot be used to make deposits on our cashier.